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New Fashion Label Burcin Dagli

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Posted on December 07 2017

New Fashion Label Burcin Dagli

New Fashion Label Burcin Dagli

BurcinDagli is a new high-end fashion brand for the independent women/ the brand portrays elegance, functionality and sophistication. All products created under BurcinDagli have a statement finish with an elegant look and a perfect fit that are a must have for any occasion.

BurcinDagli has launched its first Capsule collection of business and casual attire that holds jumpsuits, dresses, suits. All pieces under this label have original designs and can be styled for both day and evening.

Parallel to the Capsule collection, BurcinDagli will also introduce a Festive Exclusive collection that holds cocktail dresses, stylish bodysuits and eye-catching gowns which are ideal for the upcoming holidays and luxurious events.

What makes BurcinDagli brand special is the fact that all items can be Tailor Made to fit any body shape and size. The attire can also be adjusted to a personal style, by adding more or less detailing, picking a different sleeve or choosing a different colour. This way all women can turn a BurcinDagli item into their own personal style.

BurcinDagli prices vary through €125.00 to €1595.00.

All products are available in the BurcinDagli showroom at the Fashion Dôme and also on the online shop.

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