Dagli Production B.V.

After creating and manufacturing our own brands, Bonne Clé (Luxury Men's Underwear) and Luxury Brand BurcinDagli (Prêt-à-porter Woman's Wear & Tailor Made), we are experienced in global manufacturing and small luxury ateliers which makes it possible to cater for both small startups as well as established brands.


We are the right partner for you!

Finding the right manufacturing facility is key to the success of any business. If you are looking for a reliable collaborator for garments production, made in Turkey - Istanbul, we might be just the right partner for you.

We run our own manufacturing facility in Turkey where we make all the samples and produce smaller quantities from 50 pcs per style. We are specialized in high-end streetwear such as hoodies, sweatpants, sweaters, softshell, lycra sportswear, t-shirts, polo pique's etc.

We work in close collaboration with certified factory partners with the capacity to produce in large quantities and provide items in leather, denim and or other fabrics.

We help you make a great final product and we can also assist you in many other aspects other than just making and assembling parts. From tech packs to manufacturing, we offer a wide range of services for your brand and products. We also facilitate the development and support the look and feel of your brand, social media and website.

We always strive to get you the best service at a fair price and seek for long-term fun relationships.

Let's create together!



“Where Design Meets Functionality” @omaybags

Omaybags is a brand created out of love when I was pregnant with my son Omay. It is where we design and create products that make mom's life easier.

Omaybags are everyday functional bags made of high quality fabrics for modern moms. These fabric bags fit easily around baby’s stroller and have handy pockets inside to store (water & baby) bottles as well as a closable pocket for other essentials. There are also bags exclusively designed for twin strollers and other accessories to make mom feel comfortable carrying all the needed items.