Tailor Made

BurcinDagli provides Tailor Made possibilities for customers, businesses and/or private brands.


Tailor Made for Customers

All items from BurcinDagli collections can fully be customized with the Tailor-Made option. From color to size and or any adjustment(s) on the model, BurcinDagli enables customers to create their dream clothing. This way every item can fit you no matter what size you wear. Extra or less elements on your personalized garment? That is not a problem, you can even choose to go for a different fabric. Prices for tailor-made items are substitute to a 20% surcharge on the original price and require a 50% down payment.

Did you know that we specialize in Tailor Made Gala Dresses?

Tailor Made Gala Projects starts from € 795.00


Tailor Made for Businesses and Private Brands

At BurcinDagli we make it possible for businesses and private brands to make their custom branded wears and uniforms. From scratch to finished products, we can take up any of your custom branded clothing projects. Drop us an email on info@burcindagli.com for a meet up.


Click here to see private brands projects by us.